Over Ten Thousand in Cash and Prizes!

If you are like me, when you heard about the $10,000 hole-in-one cash prize for the upcoming Caroline’s Cause golf event, you probably laughed. I was like, “Yeah. Riiiiight. Ten Thousand.” So I really was shocked to learn the other day that there really is a cash prize. I asked Lisa and Tony about it just recently and someone told me it involves an insurance policy or a bond or some such financial shenanigans that I know nothing about. My brother Tom–who knows more about business and how to make money than anyone else I know–figured it out.  If I were the one in charge of securing the cash prizes for the tournament, it would just be wishes and crossed-fingers backing it all up. This is why I am tasked with blogging for the cause.

That’s a big thumbs up.

I spoke to my brother, Troy, and he tells me that most Golf tournaments typically do have some sort of big prize for a hole-in-one. He mentioned Hummers and Harley Davidsons being given away in events in which he has participated in the past. Golfing is one of the other things I know very little about, although it is really popular here in Washington state. We have a little three par course a few miles from our house. A few years ago, my son was into golf, even securing a bag and some clubs from Santa one year. All of us love to go to the driving range and whack away at a bucket of balls. Very therapeutic.

I am pleased to hear so many good things about the golf event. Troy said there were over 60 people signed up. I am hoping for good weather. My sense for it is that the whole family has come together, each doing what they can to make it an enjoyable event. I’m even hearing of plans for a future tournament, next year. Perhaps the Caroline’s Cause golf event will be an annual challenge.


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