2010 Golf Event: A Huge Success!


By any metric, the 2010 Golf Event was a huge success. We raised money. We brought people together. We had a good time. Well, I didn’t actually make it back to Pennsylvania for the tournament, but I had a good time checking out the pictures and hearing all the stories. I’m not much of a golfer, but the big vats of meat balls and all the roasted chicken were making my mouth water. As a consolation, me and my whole family are now sporting the nifty Caroline’s Cause Golf Event T-shirts, which are an artsy black with purple lettering.

I was also back in Pennsylvania last weekend, and I took some pictures of the snazzy new van Tony purchased, but I’ll upload those another night. Just a reminder, the proceeds from the Golf event will help defray the cost of the customized van. And, of course, the new installed ramp in the van will help defray the cost of future chiropractic care.  

I’ve uploaded a boatload more pictures to my flickr site, so go over there to see the rest. See how many Elhajj’s you can spot (Hint: look for dark hair, big heads, and the black and purple Caroline’s Cause T-shirts).

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