On Custom Vans and Chiropractic Care

9-13-2010 007

This is the special van Tony uses to haul Caroline and her chair around Pennsylvania. My oldest brother Tom has been buying and selling used cars since he graduated from high school. He took Tony to one of the local auctions where they picked up a no frills van.

There were no seats in the back of the van they bought, but that didn’t matter because the plan was to cut a large swath of the rear out, raise the suspension and then add the well and buckles and gear to hold Caroline and her chair in place. They also added a pair of jump seats on either side of the well and a little electrical doodad to power Caronline’s medical monitors. But the best part of all is the fold out ramp in the back. You grab it, swing it out, and lay it down. The chair rolls right up.

Here is a picture of Tony in action.

9-13-2010 023

You can just hear his back saying, “Thank you!” Before the ramp, they just had to lift all that gear into the vehicle.

Here are a few more shots from that night:

9-13-2010 020

9-13-2010 024

9-13-2010 028

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