Caroline (Hearts) Trans Siberian Orchestra, Daddy (Hearts) Handicap Access

Well, we hope Caroline loves TSO.

If you’re not familiar, you can click the YouTube above or check out more here. I was in Pennsylvania a few weeks ago and Tony was explaining that he had gotten tickets for an upcoming concert. A TSO live performance is a sensory feast of sight and sound, an amazing light show with fabulous music. If you check out the video above, they appear to be burning down a house on stage. Now that’s entertainment! We have high hopes that Caroline will enjoy it.

Getting the tickets was no easy feat. You can’t just buy tickets online like everyone else. If you want handicap access tickets, you have to place a call directly to the venue and speak to someone. Of course it was busy.

Have you ever driven around a parking lot, and then you spy a spot right up at the front. “Cool,” you think. Then just before you wheel your vehicle into the space, you see the little handicap access sign.

If you’re like me, you think, “Drat!”

And then you feel guilty.

But then you scan the parking lot and wonder what the chances are that a handicapped person will come along and need that spot in the few minutes it will take you to do your business. One time I was playing out this little drama in my head and I heard a little, “Toot, toot.”

A car had pulled up behind me and I could see the handicap sign hanging from his rearview mirror. Boy, did I feel stupid.

The Americans With Disabilities Act has empowered disabled people of all stripes, but it’s still more difficult that it ought to be to get tickets to a concert. After a day’s worth of manning the phones, Tony finally prevailed. The venue has handicap seating available.

Caroline and the entire family will get to see TSO.

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