The Poetry Corner

This poem below was written by Jayson, Caroline’s big brother.

If you have never met Jayson, he is someone you would really like to meet. At age 15, he has defined himself as a young man with a heart of gold. At an early age of about 4 or 5, I remember Jayson playing with his whinny the pooh figures (his favorite was Tigger — sorry Jay) and his cousin was coming to visit. Now his cousin also liked Tigger, so Jayson was beside himself because the only Tigger he could find was the one he was playing with at that moment. It took Jay all but a minute to decide to give up his toy to his cousin. At that point, I knew he was someone special. He has continued to grow over the years both physically and emotionally to who he is today. He aspires to be a writer or an engineer (he originally wanted to be a McDonald’s employee, so I am relieved). One job Jayson has taken on and proves day after day is Big Brother to both his sisters! The world could use a little more Jayson in it.

You ROCK Jay!

My Special Sister … Caroline’s Poem

by Jayson Elhajj

I hear, I see, I feel, I breathe

Though I may not show it

I understand, I recognize, I speak with my eyes.

I talk to others with gestures and expressions,

But though I may not show it,

I live, I love, I touch,

I fly among the angels who pray for me.

So I will never give up, until the cure comes.

I believe I will walk, I will talk, and I will dance with my family.

Because I am a girl, I am a daughter, I am a sister,

And my name is Caroline.

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1 Response to The Poetry Corner

  1. I am truly touched by this poem. It’s very well written. The line that grabbed my heart is, “I live, I love, I touch.” Caroline certainly does that! Awesome job, Jay!!!

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