Fun in the Snow


We just got slammed in Washington state last night with another big snow storm. What an adventurous winter!

I’m not sure if most of you have seen these pictures of Caroline out for a little family sledding fun, but I saw them on Facebook and wanted to add them to our picture feed on Flickr and pop them up here, too.

I believe read on Tony’s wall that Caroline really enjoyed sledding. It looks to me as if she has her own specially built sled, with a handle for an adult to push her and sideboards to hold her inside. Looks like someone had to sacrifice a scarf to tie her into the sled.

Ah, invention!

I also found pictures of what appears to be polar swim in Caroline’s front yard. I know the hot tub Caroline uses for water therapy is in the car port. It looks like someone may have been relaxing in the tub when the snow started falling. Something about watching new snow fall always makes me long to act a little wild and crazy! Perhaps I’m not alone.


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