June 26, 2011: 2nd Annual Golf Tournament

We are gearing up for our 2nd Annual Golf Tournament.  Actually I don’t believe we ever stopped thinking, talking, or preparing for this year’s golf tournament. The last tournament was in process and we began talking about the next tournament — we started talking and saying “next year we’re going to do …”

This year, we’re changing the location of the golf tournament.

Sunset Golf Course
2601 Sunset Drive, Middletown, PA

June 26, 2011

Registration will begin at 7:00 AM and include a continental breakfast.  Shotgun will begin at 8:00 AM.  Lunch will be provided, along with the awards and raffle.

We will also be selling raffle tickets prior to the golf outing — and the day of the golf outing.  The raffle ticket is $5.00/ticket or $20/5 tickets.

  • First prize is a Basket of Cheer
  • Second prize is a Pittsburgh Steeler AFC Football Champion Ball (limited edition)
  • Third prize is a $50 gift card to Red Lobster

Other opportunities for raffle prizes will be available the day of the tournament and include many gift baskets and other prizes.

All golfers are welcome.

If you don’t know a 9-iron from a putter, that’s okay. Come out anyway and join the fun, whether you’re golfing or helping in some other capacity. All are welcome.

Here is the brochure with registration form to download:


We also have two letters (below) soliciting sponsors for golf holes.

Sponsorship is very important to reaching our fund raising goals. Give these letters to your boss or people who own business you think might benefit from our promotional efforts, including a large sign with their businesses’ name on it over one of the golf holes, proudly showing their support for our cause, t-shirts (my daughter Kennedy was wearing her t-shirt from last year this morning, so you know that’s a good promotional deal), and the good will of all the people at the tournament. Everyone asks who the sponsors are and what their relationship is to the rest of the family. Sponsors earn a lot of good will from the community by donating money. This year the proceeds will go to erecting a rail system in the house to move Caroline around and a special pet dog that can sense the onset of a seizure and warn the rest of the family.

One letter is an Caroline’s Cause Letterhead, Caroline’s father. The other is a Caroline- Sponsor letter revised 2011, but this one is on Caroline’s Cause stationary and has a little form to fill out. Which one should you use? Use the one you think will work best for whomever it is you’re trying to solicit a donation.

(updated by Tim Elhajj on April 23: added Sponsorship section)


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