Racing Against Rett Syndrome


John Houseman (pictured) is a man with a mission. An Ironman with a mission.

On June 23, 2013 John is putting his heart and soul on the line, racing in an Ironman competition for the benefit of Caroline’s Cause. John lives in Idaho and he’s Caroline’s new biggest fan. While the folks on the East Coast are having their annual golf tournament for Caroline’s Cause, John is sponsoring his own event.

Caroline’s Cause was created to raise awareness for Rett Syndrome, a terrible disease that affects mostly little girls. Caroline Elhajj suffers from Rett Syndrome. All proceeds from the Caroline’s Cause events go to Caroline’s family, to pay for her extraordinarily expensive care. This is from John’s Racing Against Rhett Syndrome Facebook page:

Teaming up with Caroline Elhajj of Caroline’s Cause. Together we are tackling Ironman Coeur D’ Alene. We hope to raise enough funds to purchase or help purchase a large portable generator. This generator will give both Caroline and her family the piece of mind they need in the event they lose shore power. Caroline receives various medical treatments about every 3 hours to help clear her airway and keep her healthy. She also receives nourishment throughout the night with a food pump. Please join us and share this cause with your friends and family.

Won’t you consider making a donation?

Pledge an Amount to John Houseman’s Race Against Rett Syndrome 

tony, caroline, jason

Jason, Caroline, and Tony Elhajj

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