About Caroline’s Cause

Caroline Elhajj

Caroline’s Cause is for Caroline Elhajj, who has Rett Syndrome, a genetic disorder that affects mostly little girls. Caroline was born in 2003 and it soon became apparent that something was wrong. For most girls, Rett syndrome begins with an irresistible urge to make a hand washing motion. Eventually they stop looking you in the eye. After that it gets worse. There are seizures. They lose control of their muscles, and basic body functions like swallowing. Caroline has never learned how to walk, talk or eat. Others feed and transport her. She communicates using her eyes.

Caroline is the youngest child in her family. Her brother is seven years older, her sister four years older. Her father teaches school at a nearby high school.

Caroline has a dog named Zoe, who makes her smile. Her favorite songs are If You’re Happy and You Know It and Hokey Pokey

About this Site

Our mission with Caroline’s Cause is to raise awareness about Rett syndrome. We also use this site to coordinate efforts to raise money for Caroline’s care, and to keep her family and friends informed about her condition.

You don’t have to be a member of the family to leave comments or to post. We long to have a vital community here. We welcome your thoughts!

3 Responses to About Caroline’s Cause

  1. Debi says:

    God bless…
    My granddaughter has th deficiant drd – a pediatric neurotransmitter disease – seems it affects a child the same as your daughters disease. She’s 9.
    I was looking for gift ideas for her and came across your site. Thank you for the ideas.
    Your daughter is beautiful!

  2. Debi-

    We are pleased that you found the gift ideas helpful.

    Prayers are lifted for your wonderful granddaughter and her family.

    You are blessed.

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