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A Spoonful of Applesauce

Today’s Headline News: Caroline ate a few spoonfuls of applesauce. Big news, right? Well, it is if you haven’t had anything to eat with your mouth in over six years! After Caroline’s diagnosis of Rett syndrome, one the of first procedures we had … Continue reading

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The Margin of Error is Five Degrees, the Margin of Hope is Much Greater

Caroline went to her orthopedic surgeon today.  Six months ago at her appointment I was told to prepare myself for an upcoming surgery on her spinal column to correct her scoliosis. They like to tell us 2 years in advance … Continue reading

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Angels Among Us

Caroline’s Cause put this video together to give Caroline a way to thank all the wonderful people out there that have given her the love and care that she desperately needs until the cure is found. Without EVERYONE contributing Caroline would not be where she is today. As the saying goes..”it takes a village to raise a child” God sent Caroline a village of angels!

Thank you all for caring.

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With a Little Help from My Friends

Last week was nutso. Gateway dropped Caroline’s Primary Care Physician (PCP), which disrupted her Medicaid insurance. What does this mean? Well, in the insurance world—particularly in the Medicaid world—you must have a PCP to get anything done. The PCP is the doctor who writes referrals … Continue reading

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Make-A-Wish: If Wishes Were Kisses, Our Face Would be Wet

I think we’ve all heard of Make-A-Wish Foundation, the national nonprofit that helps out terminally ill children by granting them a wish. I’ve mostly heard about it in references to popular culture, where it’s apparently hugely popular to parody. If you look at its Wikipedia … Continue reading

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Scoliosis and Kyphosis: Possibly the Unkindest Cut of All

What is shaping up to be arguably the worst health issue for Caroline has nothing to do with Rett syndrome. Rather its the dual threat of scoliosis (curved spine) and kyphosis (twisted back), both of which are a result of Caroline not having the … Continue reading

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Hard Choices and Invention

Day two in the Caroline’s Cause Post-a-day-marathon offers a meditation on the hard choices a Rett father has to make for his daughter. And the great, unorthodox support staff you occasionally meet along the way. From Tony: October is the month when Caroline’s insurance company reviews her physical … Continue reading

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